Milfoil Info

Milfoil is an insidious lake weed that has no natural enemies to keep it in check. Chemical treatment is one form of control that has proven effective. The State of New Hampshire has more information on its website about milfoil at the following link:

Milfoil Facts Sheet

As you may know, the rate at which milfoil is spreading throughout Cobbetts Pond is alarming. The map below, prepared by the State of New Hampshire, plots the affected areas. A total of 46.7 acres of our pond is currently classified as infested. Comparing this to previous surveys, the milfoil infestation has grown at a rate of 507% since the last time we treated and immediate action is required. The consequences of not taking action are dire; the milfoil will continue to spread and reduce the overall recreational quality and property value on the pond.

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We have been working with the State to develop and execute a 5-year plan for milfoil control and the process is ongoing. If you are within 1200 feet of the treatment area, you are an abutter, and YOUR ACTION IS REQUIRED. In order for us to proceed with our permitting process we need you to:

Fill out and return the questionnaire regarding your property.

Milfoil Questionnaire