Planting in the Watershed

It has been scientifically proven that planting shrubs and trees in the watershed improves water quality. Plants take some nutrients out of water run-off before it enters the lake, which helps decrease nutrient loading.

A list of plantings compiled by the DES and “A Field Guide to Common Riparian Plants of New Hampshire” can be viewed by visiting the links below.

Native Shoreland/Riparian Buffer Plantings for New Hampshire

A Field Guide to Common Riparian Plants of New Hampshire

You can also find helpful tips on landscaping from the EPA at:


Aquatic Plants of Cobbetts Pond

This Field Guide to the Aquatic Plants of Cobbett’s Pond has been developed to assist in efforts to conduct regular aquatic vegetation monitoring at Cobbett’s Pond.

Cobbett’s Pond Aquatic Plant Field Guide 2010

Shoreland Planting

How you care for your lawn can have a dramatic impact on the ecosystem in and around your waterbody, not to mention the demands upon your time and resources. Here are some helpful tips on lawn care.

Shoreland Lawn Care