Cobbetts Pond Improvement Association

Water Quality

Since the 1980's the NH Department of Environmental Services and the Cobbett's Pond Improvement Association (CPIA) have tested water samples from the pond. Unfortunately, over this time period, test results have shown a significant deterioration of the pond's water quality.

A major contributor to the decline in water quality is development in the watershed. The watershed is the area that funnels water runoff and other nutrients into the lake. Although it is fact that the water quality isn't what is used to be, there are steps that residents can take to help improve the situation.

The NH Department of Environmental Services has comprised a list of recommended practices that residents should consider adopting to improve water quality. This information can be found at the following link.

H20 Quality Tips

DES - Volunteer Lake Assessment Program annual results and recommendations:

Cobbett's Pond Obeservations

Public Service Announcement

The DES has information on how how to manage stormwater runoff around private residences. This information can be found on there website by following the link below.

Stormwater Management for Homeowners