Water Sports Club

The Cobbett's Pond Water Sports Club is a non profit organization run by volunteers, and is open to anyone who lives within the Cobbett's Pond Village District, which runs along the ponds shore. Volunteers donate their time, and boats to teach kids/teens to ski (as young as 3) wakeboard, barefoot, tricks, flips and so on. Lessons are given starting in the beginning of July culminating in a Show an mid August before the kids go back to school. We have beginners, intermediates, and show offs!

To be a participant of the Cobbetts Pond Water Sports Club, fill out the form below with your $100 membership fee. Membership fees include 6 lessons (weather permitting), one T-shirt, a cookout at the Town Beach, a pizza/ice cream party, and the all important Ski Show where participants can show off what they've learned.

For additional information please email Tony Deluca, the Water Sports Club President, at ajdeluca1@gmail.com.

For information on upcoming Water Sports Club events please review the newsletter below.

Cobbett's Pond Water Sports Newsletter 2014

For application forms to be a participant or a volunteer please fill out the appropriate form(s) and mail to the address at the top of the form.

Cobbett's Pond Water Sports Participant/Volunteer Form 2014