What is low phosphate, slow release nitrogen fertilizer? Low phosphate, slow release nitrogen fertilizer means fertilizer that is guaranteed, as indicated on the package label, to contain not more than 2 percent phosphorous and a nitrogen component that is at least 50 percent slow release nitrogen. For addition questions on shoreland program issues, you may want to contact Jay Aube at jason.aube@des.nh.gov, who is the DES shoreland outreach person.

Some specific products to consider are listed below. All are zero phosphorus, but check the specifications on each product to confirm that the slow-release nitrogen requirements are met.

  • Lebanon Phosphorus-Free Fertilizer 32-0-6 (This is sold nearby at Dodge Grain Co., 59 North Broadway, Salem NH for $20.95/bag, which covers 18,000 sf)

Andersons Brand Phosphorus-Free Fertilizers:

  • Andersons Fortify Lawn Food 29-0-4 (FRT29921)
  • Andersons Fortify Weed & Feed 28-0-3 (FRT288DS1)
  • Andersons Fortify Crabgrass Preventer 30-0-4 (FRT307T1)
  • Andersons Fortify Winterizer & New Lawn Starter 18-0-12 (FRT183FE1)

Scotts Brand Fertilizers:

  • Scotts Phosphorus-Free Lawn Fertilizer
  • Scotts Lawn Pro Crabgrass Preventer Plus Fertilizer 26-0-3
  • Step 1 of Scotts 4-Step Annual Program Crabgrass Plus Feritlizer 30-0-4
  • Step 3 of Scotts 4-Step Annual Program Summer Guard with Insecticide 28-0-8

Other Brands:

  • North Country Organics 6-0-6
  • Vigoro Ultra Turf 29-0-4 Phosphorus Free Turf Fertilizer. Zero phosphate fertilizer specially formulated for lawns near lakes and streams.
  • GreenView Spring Zero Phosphorus Fertilizer 27-0-12. GreenView has several other zero phosphorus products.
  • LESCO Professional Turf Fertilizer 32-0-10 and 18-0-18. Wholesale and retail in Portland Maine (207)772-7173.
  • ESPOMA Turf Tone – 18-0-3 Lawn Food. Espoma also manufactures organic fertilizers.